Type copilot.microsoft.com in your Edge/Chrome browser

Data Human Comic

Then you will log into Copilot and it works better than when it was installed on the desktop.

Why do I say this? I tested with the same “Write a rap battle between Microsoft and Apple” and it had a different style and lyrics. It was better than previous attempts. Not dramatically better but different at least.

If you turn off Brave Guard protection at the top it works.

Data Human Comic
data human comic

What this means is that we don’t have to install a unique application on your computer to make this work. One less thing to update and fix. This is a good move by Microsoft. The easier they make it the more people will want to use it.

I haven’t logged into my OpenAI account for months. I still don’t find this feature of AI useful, but I like the improvements to security and customization that are possible with it. One of the interesting things I found was an AI that automatically submitted your information on LinkedIn/Indeed and did more services as well. For $99 I thought it was too steep for what it did. Perhaps when it gets more intelligent. Right now it can only do what I can do so that isn’t compelling for me to buy. I want AI that can do what I can’t do.

The other downside is that when I had to refresh my computer a few months ago I didn’t reinstall the copilot app. I would think Microsoft would make that mandatory. If Microsoft pushes advertisements to me, then it can push an app that can be useful. My new Outlook advertises to me and tells me that I should buy it. That’s kind of annoying. Now and then they try to send me an advertisement as well. What a waste of time. If Windows becomes more of an advertisement I will switch back to Mac as my main computer.

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Waiting for your appearance Mr. Data!