Trying out Japanese vegetable vitamins

Vitamin Comic

Today I took Japanese vegetable vitamins for the first time. Once I finish these I will let you know if they helped and what the brand is.

You are supposed to take 5 of them daily, about two with each meal. Japanese people are very healthy and I figured it might be interesting to see if they make any difference. I also got as a gift vegan Omega 3-6-9 vitamins. I used to take them in the past but stopped when they started upsetting my stomach.

Vitamin Comic
vitamin comic

Right now I am taking 3 different vitamins—these two and a regular men’s multivitamin. This is a generic form of a popular men’s multivitamin. Surprisingly the cost is only 1/3 of the regular labeled multivitamin but has the same ingredients. Since I have never tried this one before I thought it might be interesting to see if it makes any difference. Honestly, I liked the last multivitamin because it had all the things that I like digestive enzymes. I had a great experience with those. Since using that I didn’t feel any upset stomach.

What do I think will happen with these vitamins? Probably I will feel more energetic. I feel fine now but the more I have spent on vitamins usually there is some minor increase in energy generally. Is there a downside to buying vitamins? I don’t think so. The worst thing that happens is that when I take too many vitamins my stomach might feel upset but as long as I eat something I feel fine.

I have given up on chewy/gummy vitamins. There was a recent article that said those were just candy. I never felt better using those except with the Vitamin C megadoses. Those did seem to reduce and speed up when I had a cold. Still, it wasn’t dramatic and probably not worth the $20 cost.

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If these vegetable vitamins work I might make them a permanent part of my vitamin routine. Time will tell!