Top 10 mistakes individuals do in dating

misunderstood relationship
  1. Don’t realistically accept limitations. If a guy is out of your neighborhood what are the chances you can see him often?
  2. Look for too much meaning in what he says. Often men will just say stuff to see what happens. We don’t mean everything we say.
  3. Think things are your fault. Don’t take personally whatever a guy does. It says everything about him and nothing about you.
  4. Judge too quickly. You may be a great judge of character in person but over email/phone/IM you don’t get the full picture. Wait to reject someone in person unless there is a red flag to reject sooner.
  5. Have unrealistic standards. If you are not finding guys that you feel are at your level, perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. Maybe you should focus on accepting others’ weaknesses more that aren’t red flag material.
  6. Red flags, you see them and ignore them. If a guy is disrespectful or unkind by accident that’s not a problem. We all make mistakes socially. If he purposely is unkind and disrespectful, clearly that’s a problem.
  7. Don’t process the feelings from a breakup. Many women will break up with a guy and then practically start dating the next guy they meet. Give yourself some time to play the field and not feel anxious about the lack of companionship.
  8. Laugh at every joke. Not everything that a funny guy says is funny and sometimes you have to call him on it. Humor is fraught with danger of misunderstandings, so give someone the benefit of the doubt especially when you get to know him.
  9. Project yourself on others. Everything that you look for is within yourself. You can’t understand why other people behave as they do unless they share it with you. So ask people why they did something. Their reasoning may surprise you.
  10. Believe you are special. Everyone is unique, but not everyone is special. Only a few people seem to obtain or have qualities that don’t come easily for most of us. If you have to say you are special you probably aren’t. Let others call you special, but never repeat it. The ego is a turn-off.
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