Top 10 Green Flags that show a good relationship

supportive relationship

I was talking with a friend and thought that there might also be “Green” flags that are the opposite of “Red Flags” in relationships.  So these are signs that you are a healthy, nurturing, and compatible person.

  1. Conversation flows naturally. When you talk to someone and it seems that nothing you talk about is uninteresting to the other person, that’s an amazing experience.  Sometimes you might toss out a random comment, but it is very meaningful and important to the other person and they tell you.  It might also be that an obscure fact that you share is something they also have in common.
  2. You like being in their presence. It doesn’t really matter what you do or talk about, just being in their presence makes you happy.  They aren’t perfect and neither are you, but you find yourself enjoying life more when they are around.
  3. They encourage you to talk and listen. They want to know as much about you as you want to know about them.  It doesn’t matter who talks because you both are hungry to learn about each other.
  4. They are honest with their faults and realistic about yours. They admit when they make a mistake and go overboard.  They take ownership of their issues and accept that you may have some of your own.  My rule of thumb is never to date anyone crazier than me.  If what they do doesn’t make sense to me or I can’t relate to it, they probably are crazier than me.
  5. They are interested in every aspect of who you are. They encourage you to share your physical, emotional, and spiritual side without criticism.  Or if they don’t like it, they ask questions to better understand why you feel as you do and how you came to your beliefs and feelings.
  6. They allow you to make your own mistakes. This is a hard one and one that very few people can do.  We naturally want to save people we care about from pain.  Ultimately though we have to make mistakes and learn things the hard way unless we have the wisdom to seek advice and help.  They offer their help, but stand back like a parent and allow us to experience some scrapes and burns in learning to ride the bike of life.  They trust in our ability to adapt to the situation and to get the experience we need out of it.
  7. They are kind and respectful with an “unconditional positive regard“. No matter how they might have been hurt by your behavior in the past by others or themself, they can disengage emotionally from their past to accept you.  They always want what is best for your life and growth and happiness.  They encourage you to forgive your mistakes and they help you grow to love the beauty that is inside of you.
  8. They are willing to try new things and have an open mind. They admit that they don’t understand everything and that there might be better ways than they believe to handle things.  They are open to learning from everything and every one and don’t believe that even extensive education is enough.
  9. They contribute to charity or help their fellow man in some way. It doesn’t have to be formal, but they have the impulse to share, to give, and to be concerned about the welfare of others.  Rarely are generous people mentally ill.
  10. Their love towards humanity and everyone in it has no limits. Sure they might hate the guy who cuts in front of them in traffic, but generally they care about the welfare of others.  They would rather forgive a fault than seek revenge.  They seek peace and reconciliation rather than decisiveness and pain.
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