“There isn’t enough data about climate change”

climate change comic

I was told this when a boss brought up this subject. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but in work avoiding controversial topics is best for team morale.

Why am I bringing this up now? Given that the weather is at the warmest it has ever been in about 100,000 years I wondered if he still needed more data.

It’s funny how insincere people’s beliefs are. They need more data about climate change when it was clear decades ago what was happening. Scientists who are dead like Carl Sagan were testifying in the 80s about climate change.

We don’t live our lives by facts but by what we want to believe. For decades oil/tobacco companies have lied and suppressed research and tried to make other arguments seem plausible. We want to not change and to get all the benefits now, and then make our future selves suffer.

The earth is not a credit card we can run the debt up on. The bill is due, and we are seeing it with the record temperatures and deaths from heat.



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