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The victim is often the villian

two face comic

One time I was going to the Post office to mail a package. It was a busy post office and I was waiting behind a car that had just had someone get inside and was backing up. I backed up to make space for them, and another car zoomed in and stole the space I was waiting for.

two face comic
two face comic

Understandably this kind of frustrated me so I got out of my car and went up to the driver’s window of the driver who stole my spot. I smiled and was very friendly asked her if she noticed that I was waiting for that spot, and she said too bad it’s my spot now. I said okay, and took pictures of her license plate. I was planning to see if there was anything the police could do to fix this situation.

I went inside the post office and was waiting for my turn when two police officers came in and asked if “[My name]” was there. I said yes and spoke to them. The woman called the police and complained that she was threatened by me taking a picture of her license plate. The police sympathized with me and said “Some people are jerks” and that I didn’t do anything wrong. You can take photos in public on public property and the road is public property and so is the post office. They let me go and said they would go speak to the person who complained.

If you don’t know the details of what happened, often the person who seems to be the victim is the villain. Don’t rush to judgment.

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