Posting response on the weekend on LinkedIn

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I have both posted and not posted on the weekend on LinkedIn. This is what I have learned.

Not posting doesn’t seem to have any negative effects. When I resume posting on Monday my numbers are the same. I don’t think anyone cares frankly which is fine with me.

When I do post on the weekend I get smaller views than during the week. Again this is fine and to be expected. I suspect that some people may have to temporarily work on a project, or that for certain industries the weekend is busier than the week so their schedule is different. I once worked at a job that wanted me to work on Saturday and so I got a day off during the week. I didn’t really like that job so that schedule isn’t right for me.

Why should anyone bother posting on the weekend or at all? Fair question. I think if you have something useful to share you should. I am curious so during the day I learn lots of things that other people may not know. Maybe I just like writing to help me solidify information in my own mind.

Surprisingly I get the same kind of responses during the weekend as during the week. Many times recruiters will contact me after hours or on the weekend about urgent positions. I respond and I think that WFH has unfortunately caused a 24/7 expectation from people.

If you do post, expect to see more spam on weekends. I have gotten more spam and illegal inmail offers during the weekend than during the week. I assumed it was because of the time/day difference and that in other countries it may be Monday morning already when it is Sunday for me. I just expect to get scam offers starting Sunday afternoon and continuing.

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I think the biggest conclusion here is sending out a post is telling someone that you are probably at home and ready to be spammed. I could schedule posts but that feels insincere. I like to post as the mood strikes, and I don’t want to come off as artificial or forced. I don’t recycle posts either, but I have seen the most popular authors do that so it’s a possibility in the future.