The last consultants didn’t explain things very well

"does Your Dog Bite?"

I worked at a consulting job once where the customer said that the last consultants didn’t explain things very well. It was the reason that the MSP was there. When they mentioned the name of the company it sounded familiar because I used to work for them!

Every job I have had I have learned many wonderful things and I feel so privileged to be able to use my skills to help others. Unfortunately, sales and cash flow are difficult for companies, so I understand if they have to let people go when there is no work for them to do. It isn’t personal, it’s just capitalism.

So I had to laugh to myself that that was their perception. Everyone’s perception is true, but it isn’t always helpful. Let me give you an example. If someone doesn’t explain things very well, then you need to ask questions and make sure you understand. If they don’t seem to want to help you understand, then they are clearly at fault.

"does Your Dog Bite?"
“Does your dog bite?”

One of the things that I am good at is asking questions. When I was in college I asked the most questions of anyone in all of my classes. I sometimes would ask my classmates that I was friends with “Am I asking too many questions?” They said no and they appreciated that I asked questions because they didn’t want to seem dumb in front of the class. Well, I am dumb. That is why I am taking that class to get smarter so I want to get my money’s worth.

When I hear that people don’t understand, I wonder why they didn’t ask questions. Or if they did, why the person helping them didn’t explain? In every relationship, there is a give/take and you can’t just blame one party for a failure of a job.  I have noticed that people are inclined to believe they are the victim. It is a difficult mindset for people to let go of. Yes, we all have been victimized, but we have also victimized others and sometimes we have been the hero. I have talked before about hero-villain-victim. Look it up for further understanding of how we misperceive our world.

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I never argue with anyone. I simply try to explain things that they may not have considered. I give them the pros/cons because they are the ones who are going to have to live with their decision. Rarely do clients make the wise choice. They choose what is cheap, then what is easy, and then what is best long-term. It is their money and right to do so.

People forget that the labor to do something is often far more than the capital costs. It is strange how many companies don’t seem to understand the soft costs of their technology purchases. Still, they probably understand their industry better than I so I have to defer to their wisdom.