IT consulting is often part-time to full-time

"are We All Consultants Here? Does Anyone Actually Work Here?"

What I have experienced in IT consulting is that it often starts as part-time and evolves into full-time.

It is understandable. Few companies can understand the volume of work of what they believe is a simple request. It is interesting being a consultant. You get to work with different things, you meet different people and it gives your brain a workout researching things and adapting to their environment.

"are We All Consultants Here? Does Anyone Actually Work Here?"
“Are we all consultants here? Does anyone work here?”

Is there a downside to being an IT consultant? Sure. Your salary can vary from year to year. It can be stressful. For me, those disadvantages don’t outweigh the advantages. You can have your hours, and work in your own home. You can be comfortable especially if you are an HSP like me. I find I am more efficient and I love being able to have a quiet environment.

This article isn’t just about me however but sharing to let you know if this works for you. I have worked with many IT people who were not right for the full-time work style. They would have been more efficient and happier if they had considered being a consultant. I understand that not having a steady income can be scary for people, but it gives you a chance to have skills that you otherwise wouldn’t have which ultimately makes you more valuable on the market.

Not to brag but since being a consultant my salary has increased far more than it did when I was a full-time employee. If you are willing to push yourself to learn, being an IT consultant is probably the best thing you can do for your future. At least that is my experience.

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