Recruiters why do you do these 3 self-defeating things?

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Recruiters, why do you waste time doing these 3 things?

  1. Reaching out to someone initially and then ghosting them after the first message. Why even bother sending a message? I respond to all recruiter emails I get, and a very high percentage of recruiters perhaps 50% never respond to my answers to their questions.
  2. Argue with someone who told you they only want to be remote. No remote people are not interested in hybrid positions. I have had to tell increasingly aggressive recruiters no. If you can’t hear no the first time, I don’t want to work with you since it is clear you don’t respect boundaries.
  3. Send a job description after I told you I am not interested. I mean what I say, and I say what I meant. A candidate’s faithful, one hundred percent. (sorry Horton)

Recruiters you often say how busy you are and how you get hundreds of responses to a mass email request or a job listing. If you are so busy why do you waste so much time on not following through? I get that other people might be more appealing them me, but if someone responds to you, the least you can do is respond back. If you don’t, they won’t respond to you again.

Recruiters you are burning your bridges each time you treat candidates poorly. People remember when they are poorly treated. It doesn’t make sense. You limit your future success by only thinking in the short term.

Why, why why would you not believe what someone tells you? If someone wanted a hybrid position they wouldn’t need to listen to you to get one. Hybrid jobs are a dime a dozen. That isn’t what remote people want. We need to be remote either for family reasons, medical ones, or because this is how we best function. Why are adults not respected in how they do their job?

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