The company has declined an interview

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I got a message from a recruiter today that I had never gotten one before. He said that the company has declined an interview. Specifically, he said that the feedback was that there were more qualified applicants available. Yes, that is always true.

I don’t just share my success I also share my failures. I looked again at the listing for the company and the recruiter who reached out to me about the position thought I was a good fit. I didn’t apply to it, but it seemed like something I could do.

Perhaps one of the warning signs was there was a line that said “Willing to go above and beyond.” I have found that companies that say this are exploitive in nature and they expect more from the person than they have a right to.

It is one thing to do your job well and to deal with problems occasionally above and beyond. I have worked for companies that expect 110% all the time, and don’t allow you to have any boundaries like time off or the ability to manage your own workload. I imagine they looked at my resume and felt that I wouldn’t be easily exploited, and that’s why they rejected the interview.

Which is great! I love it when companies reject me. They never deserved me. They can’t appreciate the things that they can’t see with their eyes by reading a resume. So much of life is about what happens inside of us. We can have degrees, money, accomplishments, and pleasure but happiness depends on what is inside.

I love the fact that companies who reject me just leave me to work with companies who appreciate me. When I was dating women would reject me, and then I found a woman who appreciates me. Being rejected isn’t a cause for sadness when the people rejecting you could never appreciate you. Be with those who respect and value you, and nothing else matters.

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