The best recruiters help you prepare for interviews

7habits Of Highly
7habits Of Highly
7habits of highly

It has been my experience that the best recruiters helped me prepare for job interviews.

No matter how many interviews you have had it helps to understand people in the deepest way possible. Recruiters have the best insight into the company and not listening to them would be the worst thing you could do to get a job.

Now one of the things that is also true is that many interviewers are the same. They ask the same questions and they want to know the same things. As much as possible try to be unique in what you do. If you feel that you are not providing a value more than others, it’s better not to waste their time and thank them but say it doesn’t fit.

Many times in my career I have told recruiters I am not interested in jobs that I could do. I didn’t feel that the culture and organization were the best fit for my further and continued development. You don’t have to have the best environment, but you have to feel valued and respected, and if you don’t you waste everyone’s time.

Try to listen and seek to understand first and then be understood. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits have been some of the guideposts of my life. There are teachers all around us if we are only able to listen to them and learn.

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