The answer is right in front of us

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Often it is surprising how often the answer to a problem is right in front of us.

I just experienced that and realized how often it just took opening up my mind to the solution. What was the problem? My computer monitor is a large TV and I had rearranged my desk because of the space it was taking up. One of the downsides is that I couldn’t see the bottom of the TV screen. I would have to peek over the top of my laptop lid to see the windows taskbar.

Now of course I could have used an external keyboard but I find those annoying and I like the keyboard that I am using. I thought about increasing the height of the TV like mounting it on the wall, but I didn’t want the landlord to charge me and I doubt that when I called he would have approved that. Everyday when it annoyed me I thought of different solutions to this problem. It wasn’t urgent, more just kind of annoying. I also considered pushing the laptop screen back but it had a limited range and wouldn’t be enough to see the taskbar. I could have tried closing it, but that was awkward and didn’t work well when I tried that with my MBP. I couldn’t move the taskbar in Windows 11 which is the first thing that I tried to do. Even the unsupported hack isn’t allowed by MS anymore. As you can see I have given this some thought.

Today of course I had the breakthrough. I can adjust the distance of the secondary desk I have and once I did I can easily see the taskbar. Problem solved! Some problems are so minor that you don’t really think of figuring it out, but when you do figure it out it seems so obvious and you wonder why you didn’t do that earlier.

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It is ok if the solutions don’t immediately come to us. I was fixed on the distance from the screen because the comically large type is kind of fun and it is so easy to see things when people share their screen now. It really has made my job easier and I love being able to see the detail in other peoples presentations. I think the days of small screens are coming to a close.

If an answer doesn’t immediately come to you, just be patient and eventually you will see what is the right solution for you.