Brave can easily bypass website blocks

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Normally I don’t try to bypass websites that block content. If they want to block it, I don’t want to support or know them. I will find out from another source.

However today I was given a link about someone that I know who was a commencement speaker. Her proud mother shared the link and I wanted to know what it said. So I did a little digging and I found out how Brave can ignore the polite request to subscribe on a website. Here are the instructions and the site that I found them on to give proper credit.

Bypassing Most Paywalls – -Brave

If you use Brave, click the Brave icon in your address bar. Toward the bottom, click “Filter lists.” When you’re taken to the filter settings, click “Show full list,” find “Bypass Paywalls Clean Filters,” and enable it. Reload the page and it’ll probably work now.

I followed these instructions and I saw the content. Don’t worry I didn’t bankrupt anyone. I just didn’t have the fortune to not read my one free article that month. Guess I will have to avoid that source next month to make up for my transgression.

Information wants to be free. No security can protect from a determined person.

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