Testing is half the battle in IT

Captcha Test Comic

Testing things is half the battle in IT.

In many places I have worked, I have helped develop and test new systems. It is fun to see things work, and it is fun to be able to be part of making it work. It can be frustrating at times though, but that is part of the process.

Now every job has moments of frustration when things don’t work like you think they should work. I often find that I have misunderstood something, or didn’t realize there was a hidden thing I needed to adjust. In life, I have seen that often there is an answer, you just need to have the patience to find it.

Captcha Test Comic
captcha test comic

I understand when people get frustrated when things don’t work. I get frustrated too. Unfortunately, life gets more complex, and people who want simple things are just not realistic.

Not everything has to be complex. I don’t think that relationships and love need to be complex. I am straightforward and dislike people who play games with love. I don’t want to make loving someone more work than it already is. We test our relationships with our shortcomings, we don’t need to add to people’s stress with intentional BS.

Some things in IT can take weeks of testing or even months. You just have to accept that you are going to be frustrated so that other people aren’t frustrated. It’s unfortunate that if you have an easy job you don’t get paid much, and if you have a difficult job you get paid more because people don’t want to think. I don’t make the rules.

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