Teacher leave those kids alone

poor education comic

Once in my life a long time ago, on an Earth very close to here there was a teacher who was belittling one of the students.

I didn’t like this and since this teacher also belittled me in front of the class I was tired of it. I asked her to stop and she said “What are you going to do about it?” I got up and left and told the principal. Other students came to me also told the principal about the verbal abuse and the next year the teacher was moved to another school in another position.

poor education comic
poor education comic

You can always make a difference if you choose to. We should never tolerate abuse from anyone. I didn’t bring it up earlier because I liked the class and the teacher could be charming but charming people are generally good at being abusive as well.

Why am I sharing this now? I see that people who sit in positions of authority often feel that they can do anything they want. I never have believed that. I have always stood up to bullies and one of my favorite parts of Star Trek Voyager is when Captain Janeway stands up to her bully. I often had bullies in my life both my age and older, and I learned that respect must be demanded from jerks.

This kind of behavior was too common growing up in a state that ranks in the 10 least spending states on education. I have felt so ignorant all of my life because as I have learned from continued reading/study there was so much that I should have learned. I always assume that I know nothing about a subject, and read books and study until I feel comfortable with an advanced level of understanding. This is not to brag, just to share that I want to understand and I forgive teachers who were paid so little and were so unmotivated to respect and educate us.

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Poor education ruins your life. It doesn’t allow you to grow. Facts are important, but critical thinking is the most important.