Talented people are amazing

Talented People
Talented People
talented people

I shared a video previously in which someone popular in the 80s still sang like it was the ’80s. It was clear he had talent and he deserved all of the success he had.

It is amazing to watch people who are talented at something. I sometimes can see glimpses of people’s skills and I am amazed. For example, watching an account use the keypad like it was nothing. Watching the grocery clerk scan and seemingly effortlessly ring everything up. This takes skills and it isn’t easy to do or learn.

Sometimes when I have helped people with computer issues they act like it was a miracle that I fixed it. I told them that it was no big deal and that it was simple. This isn’t to brag but rather to share that really to me it was nothing. I had the issue first myself or one like it. I solved it for myself and then solving it for someone else was easy. Or when I did something that helped the entire company it was something that I had already done, so I didn’t think it was special.

What we easily do we don’t value. We sometimes can think that everyone can do what we do but we are wrong. Other people may not want to spend the time or energy to learn the skills or remember the knowledge it takes to do what we do. It doesn’t mean they are stupid, it just means that it doesn’t appeal to them. Which is great. There needs to be all kinds of people to do all kinds of tasks in the world.

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Talented people make difficult things seem easy. When something is easy for someone, it is a sign they are incredibly talented.