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Taking a moment could save a life

"To listen to your instincts, press one."

In life, we might feel the need to rush and accomplish. Sometimes taking a moment could save a life.

"To listen to your instincts, press one."
“To listen to your instincts, press one.”

I was in the store yesterday and I was driving my cart down the fruit aisle. As you probably know it is sometimes hard to see in the fruit aisle because fruit is often packed very high. It was a busy store and people were rushing around trying to shop as quickly as possible. I stopped for a moment not really sure why. Less than a second later I saw a little girl on a go-cart dash in front of my basket. If I hadn’t stopped It would have been a terrible collision.

I looked and the father had been shopping for fruits and his daughter just was being a kid and playing with her go-cart. I don’t blame either of them. Parents are not superhuman and can’t look at their children all the time, and shopping is certainly boring for children. I am glad things worked out okay.

I shared before how I had a Michael J. Fox Back to the Future moment. I shared how I was driving and waited and avoided getting hit by a deer. How often in our lives do we avert disaster and then go on and forget about it? I clearly remember every time that I avoided disaster. It has been often in my life. I feel like I have used up all my luck in driving. So many bad drivers on the road that it is amazing any of us who drive are alive.

Why am I sharing this with you? If you take moments in your life and are open to intuition, things seem to magically happen. Why did I stop? Just chance? Both times and many, many more that I haven’t shared. Other times it was hurrying up that allowed me to avoid a bad situation, so it is not just being slow. Life has a rhythm and when you are flexible and can give and take, you can find yourself in very fortunate circumstances. More fortunate than you often deserve.

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