Stories from my Past: Marty McFly moment

back to the future comic

If you have ever seen the trilogy Back to the Future there is a scene where Marty is being challenged by Biff to drag race him on the road. In an alternate future, we see that Marty sustained an injury from being hit by a car running a red light. In an alternate present, we see that he doesn’t choose to accept the challenge and he doesn’t get injured. That is what happened to me this morning sans traveling to the future.

back to the future comicI was taking a friend’s car back to him and waiting to turn left I saw a car that was exceeding the speed limit for that road and I had to make a quick decision. There was enough time to pull in front of the car or I could just wait for the car to pass and get behind him. For some reason my gut feeling told me to wait, even though I was in a rush to get the car returned so that I could keep an appointment. It wasn’t two seconds later that the car passed in front of me and I saw it rapidly screech to a stop. A deer jumped out from a place that I have never seen one come from and the other car swerved to miss it and barely missed it. If I had gone in front of the car I probably would have hit the deer and it was on the driver’s side.

Trusting my instincts has always been more helpful than ignoring them, no matter how convincing my thoughts sometimes are.


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