Surprised today with increased organic traffic

Screenshot 2024 03 17 At 8.26.31 Am

Every morning before I write a post, I look at Google Site Kit so I can see my traffic. It shows that I am significantly higher than usual.

It appears that organic traffic has increased. It might be because of the random topics that I cover and the long-tail words that I have. With time, you show that you have something interesting to say and the search engine trusts you that you are a real person.

Screenshot 2024 03 17 At 8.26.31 Am
Grammarly AI folks!

Today when I went to write Grammarly showed that it had been signed out. When I signed in it asked if I wanted to try Grammarly AI. I said I wouldn’t use AI and won’t but want to see what this does. It was just suggested after I typed AI. I had to laugh. It suggested two things and when I clicked on them, I saw a loading screen. Well, this AI version is terrible. It is less functional than the free version so far for me. I have tried to look at its suggestions 3 times and I only see a loading screen with no text.

I wonder if Grammarly is trolling us? It said 19 premium suggestions even with this AI thing that doesn’t show anything. This is not giving me confidence in the product. They didn’t test this with Brave browser, and that is sad and pathetic.

Oh well, another article was written by your failable human writer, tried it one more time, and nothing. Very disappointing Grammarly.

Update: Turn off Brave Shield and it works correctly. This is not a security-acceptable work around. It sucks so not worth it to me.

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