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SuperTux2 platform game on Linux fun


If you loved Super Mario Brothers original you will love playing SuperTux2.

I just played it and it is better than I remember. I played it in the past and enjoyed it but I can’t remember that it looked this good and had so many features. It probably didn’t. The ratings on this are perfect. Everyone loves this game and it is free. Just waiting for me in the Discovery app.

One of the things that was surprising to me is that OpenSuse supports game controllers. Now even though I have a PS5 I don’t use it, and I could theoretically use the game controller. I am not going to do that because as I shared before, the game controller injured me while using it. Once I stopped using the PS5 game controller my wrist and arm ache went away so it is clear that it was the issue. I could buy a different game controller but with the Steelcase keyboard I have on the computer now, I am not worried about its reliability. I do enjoy having a Bluetooth Logitech mouse which works wonderfully.

By default, the keyboard was configured to use SuperTux2. This makes sense because he has more moves than Mario and wouldn’t translate well probably to a multifunction mouse or it might limit those would could play who needed gaming equipment. I found it pretty comfortable and even though I only played one level, I will be going back to it later today after I do my work. It is a fun game and deserves more exploration.

I have tried many open-source games by downloading them in Windows but they tend to have really old UI and simple gameplay. If you want an enjoyable game, you have to spend at least a little money because the free options are terrible. Since I had a friend who suggested I might like RDR2 and Control I bought them easily. He was correct. I loved those games. I loved them more in some ways than Cities Skyline and Civilization which are also games I have gotten sick of. I haven’t replayed RDR2 but I will. Some games surprise and delight you and these both did.

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SuperTux2 will be a fun game but I don’t expect to be surprised and delighted. If I am that will be ok too.