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Stories from My Past: Uncritical thinking or stupidity?

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One of the great things about the Internet is that you can have conversations with people all over the world easily. I have been fortunate to learn lots of cultures and be exposed to different points of view. On the other hand, it seems to also encourage people to be jerks and I wanted to share one of those experiences.

I have shared before that I am white, which is important to this story. I had just started talking to someone making small talk at first to transition into more deep ideas if they were receptive. Then I was asked, “Are you an N-r?” They spelled it out in all its ugliness. I responded and said I am white. She then said that I must be one since only one of those people would ask a dumb question. She didn’t believe that I was white. She continued to rant on and I left the conversation. However, she tried to msg me again to berate me and at that point I just blocked her.

I was stunned this happened. Yes, I know that racism happens every day, but I had never been called that word before and I had never felt the hate and anger that her words conveyed. She knew almost nothing about me. Even if my question was stupid, why do you have to be a bigot and hate and stereotype an entire class of people?

rosie photo
rosie photo

I had to wonder if this kind of people was encouraged by Donald Trumps continual assault on people. I was unimpressed with Donald when he called Rosie O’Donald a fat pig. I have shared before that I was a fat kid and those words are hateful and mean. No respectful and emotionally mature person makes fun of others.

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This is not a political thing about Mr. Trump. This is just a question if it is a case of monkey see, monkey do. I think people feel like if Donald can get away and become popular with making fun of people, why not step it up and forget political correctness? Perhaps political correctness is misguided, but making fun of people is not acceptable. It doesn’t matter if you are fat, black, or Mexican, everyone deserves respect.

Have we become so insensitive to others’ feelings that we call people names without knowing the slightest bit about them? I’ll survive being called the N-word. Millions of Americans have that as a daily reminder in life. This is more about asking all of you to treat each other with respect and in the words of the crying mother of one of the Orlando people who was shot “Can’t we all just get along?”