Stories from my Past: You owe $2,467.32. How did you want to pay for that?

big pumkin comic

No matter how prepared you are, there are always misunderstandings.

I have had the lucky experience of visiting many DMVs since I move between states often. So I have an idea of what is needed when you get a new driver’s license/car registration. Unfortunately, this often means a great deal of paperwork, and it’s not cheap either.

big pumkin comic
big pumkin comic

I recently went and got plates and it cost about $170 for everything. NY apparently charges based on the weight of the car. Note to self: Don’t register a tank. I had all of my paperwork and I had studied the website to make sure I had everything I needed. I filled out my paperwork and lo and behold the agent tells me that I owe $2,467.32. I thought I was going to faint.

Apparently, when you lease a car you have to pay tax on the full amount. Since the agent never asked me where I registered the car, he assumed I registered it in the state from which I had the plates. Natural assumption. However, it was registered in NY since leasing requires that you register the car in the state where you reside when you bought it. Whew!

What that means is that I already paid the tax on this when I leased the car. Or rather, the leasing company paid the taxes as part of the total cost of the vehicle. Leasing a car has some more paperwork, but I think it is a better choice for most people.

I filled out new paperwork and got everything signed and taken care of. So that was a good feeling. It is nice to have all the paperwork in order so that there are no issues in the case of an accident. I have been involved with more people ramming into the backside of my car in the NYC area than anywhere else I’ve lived.

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Now I am going to call the insurance company and make sure that everything is straight with them. I think they are overcharging me again, and I want to make sure they have all the discounts that apply to my policy.