Stories from my Past: My Indian rain dance

indian dance

My adoption certificate says that my grandfather was American Indian, so as a child, I was told that. It always made me wonder if I had Indian powers, so I tried to see if I was in touch with the great spirit.

Since I lived in a desert, what would be more appropriate than doing the Indian Rain dance? I had seen that done on TV, so it couldn’t be that different, right? So I went outside as a kid, took off my sandals, and danced in a circle chanting and trying to imitate as best I could the limited knowledge I had on the subject.

indian danceI did this several times but I don’t remember having any great results. It might have rained a few times, but it’s possible it would have rained anyway. I was so disappointed as a kid thinking that I must not be Indian enough for the great spirit to listen to me.

This may sound silly or offensive to people who look like American Indians. A kid who looks white acting like he was Indian. I have learned that an Indian tribe can have a legal right to a child even if they are 1/64 of American Indian genetically. I have never had my DNA tested so I can’t confirm it. Perhaps one day.

I am sharing this because I always felt disconnected from white culture. Making money, getting famous and the stereotyped American goals never really interested me. I always wanted to pursue knowledge, have experiences, and enjoy culture. This may not appeal to everyone, but it does to me.

So doing a rain dance may not have gotten any results, but listening to myself has made all the difference in the world.

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