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Indian leaders at major tech companies

If you read this article about Indian Leaders at major tech companies, you will see that Indian born people are in some key positions in technology.

This doesn’t surprise me. I had shared before that I had worked with some hard working Indian people in the past. What is impressive is that even with the discrimination they face, they rise to the top.

I posted on LinkedIn about six months ago a comment and I said that Indians were some of the hardest working people I have worked with. One person interpreted that to mean that US citizens were lazy and not hardworking. I didn’t say that. There are of course hard working US citizens. However they are in the minority compared to most Indians who come early and stay late.

When you think of all the IT resources in India and calls centers, you realize that they are there because they are cheaper and better than other options. You have to give credit where it is due. US citizens are lazy and comfortable and tend to do what they know, rather than what is best for their company or career.

I see this all the time in the companies that I work for. There are always more efficient ways to work, but the decision maker doesn’t want to learn or change. They are stuck in their ideas of the best way to do something. They try to use solutions that are old, instead of looking at the landscape and picking the best technology.

Indian leadership in these key companies recognize the fact of choices and change. Microsoft is working better since an Indian has been in charge, and it makes Balmer look incompetent. Developers, developers, developers anyone? He doesn’t need to jump around like a monkey to get his point across.

I like where these companies are going and feel good about using their technology even with their serious flaws. While no company is perfect, they seem to sincerely be trying to think of the customer and that is a nice change.

Thanks management for helping turn these old thinking companies around. All of us in IT appreciate it.

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