Stories from My Past: Connecting with others

customer support comic

I am surprised by how often there are opportunities for kindness each day. Here are two moments less than 12 hours apart.

customer support comicOn Friday a coworker who had mentioned to another coworker that she was gluten sensitive appeared to not have eaten. I thought of this when I was in the snack shop and bought her 3 gluten-free snack bars. I didn’t know which flavor she liked so I bought all they had. When I surprised her with them she said “You are so kind. You should teach that to others.” She also shared that she hadn’t eaten all day and was leaving to fly back home so that would be her food for today. Isn’t it amazing sometimes how a small thing makes a big difference in someone’s life?

On Saturday I was in the grocery store and a customer yelled at a store worker for not having something in stock. It is easy to sympathize with customer service since I help unreasonable customers as well. After the customer left and went up to him and in an exaggerated tone said the same thing the last guy had said and smiled. He understood I was teasing and laughed. We talked and connected about customers who abuse those who just do what they are told.

It is always people who are marginalized who need the most kindness and compassion. Both of these people were treated badly by others because of their appearance. Since I was a fat kid I can easily sympathize with people who are judged on their appearance. It is surprising isn’t it that people don’t like to be judged, yet how often do we judge others?

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