Stories from my Past: You are beautiful inside and out.

beauty woman comic

When I was in kindergarten there was a friendly and beautiful girl named Jennifer in my class. We became friends, and I was even bold enough to ask for her phone number. I used to call her frequently and we would talk about different things. As time passed, she and I were separated since she lived relatively far away. Years later, she came back into my life in high school. She had changed. She wasn’t as beautiful as she used to be, but she still had a great personality. I was friends with her again. One day when we were talking she said this:

beauty woman comic“Do you remember how we meet in Kindergarten?”, she said.

“Of course, you were the most friendly and beautiful person there.”, I replied.

“Well I’m not so attractive as I was then.”, she stated.

“I disagree. You are beautiful inside and out Jennifer and I am still glad that I am your friend.”, I replied.

She smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen her have and gave me a hug in the halls of high school.

Why am I telling you this? Life turned out that a few years after high school she had a child, and then a few years after that she was involved in an auto accident and died. What makes a person beautiful is the values and life they lead. The surface is as unimportant as the wrapping of a gift. It might be pretty for a moment, but the real treasure is what is inside.

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