Friends can be made anywhere

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Friends can be made anywhere and often when you least expect it.

One time I was at a waterpark and standing in line for the long slide it takes a while to get to the top. The girl behind me was friendly and we started talking I could tell she wanted to be friends. It is nice when people are open and willing to be part of your life.

Many times I have made friends in unlikely situations and places. I was friendly, and kind, and other people were open to it. When you don’t try to make friends is the most opportune time to make them.

I once lived in a dorm with a guy who tried too hard to make friends. When people sense you are desperate they pull back. No one wants to feel that the person doesn’t have a choice and is only choosing them because they can’t choose others. Life often gives you more than what you need, and sometimes things you don’t need.

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