Stories from my past: Unexpected gifts

gamestop comic

gamestop comicI enjoy playing video games but don’t have a system of my own.  I have friends who have a PS3 and an Xbox 360.  Sometimes they finish with the games and so I take the old games back to GameStop to trade them for something else.  A few days ago I headed back with a particularly worthless game I had suggested, hoping that I would at least get $6 back from the $17 paid.

“I didn’t like this game and I am looking to sell it,” I said to the GS employee.

He looked at the receipt from several weeks ago and said “You know you have to return it in the 7-day window.”

“Yes, I understand that.  I didn’t like how the game played.  The controls were useless.” I said.  The truth is that I couldn’t play 5 minutes of it because it was garbage.

“Ok,” he said.  “Do you want the cash or put it back on your card?”

“Card please,” I said.  “So I guess I will get like $6 back?”

“No you will get the entire amount,” he said.

“Thanks!  I didn’t expect that” I responded.

True to his word the next day the full purchase price was refunded.  Sometimes you get unexpected gifts.


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