It seems like people want to live in the desert

I grew up in a desert and it seems like people want to live in the desert. People always want what they can’t have right?

People who are used to the heat are called “heat adapted”. With the rising temperatures, it seems like everyone is going to be heat adapted. Finally, we all are going to be part of the same club!

I have used my AC more this year than any other year. Each year I use my AC more because the heat is too much. I went to Mexico where it is 120 in the shade and I’m losing my heat adaptation. I blame AC.

Yes, you are familiar with freezing in an AC room when it’s boiling outside. Then I get cold and go outside to warm up. I had this problem really bad at a job where I lived in the server room with the AC. I would go in and out all day from cold to hot. I felt like I was traveling from the arctic circle to the tropics with each IT call.

Not to be ignored my AC just cycled it. It wants attention at the worst moments. It’s such a white thing to say “Hold on I need to turn my AC down because it’s too loud for my WFH conference call.” I wear a headset not just because I can’t hear well, but because it keeps my ears warm from the AC.

What is even better is if you live with someone who is warmer/colder than you. Then you play AC teeter totter where one of you is happy while the other one isn’t. This is a great way to add stress to someone you don’t like. Your spouse got you angry? Just turn up the AC until he starts coughing from his sensitive dry throat. AC has allowed a new level of personal revenge.

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What is even better is that AC causes health issues and requires more doctor visits. It’s almost like we engineered the world to need AC and then AC is the one to kill us instead of the heat. Isn’t this a great plan?