Stories from my Past: This better be important!

funny website comic

I once worked at a place that didn’t have good management of their systems. One day I noticed that the website wasn’t working, and since the business depended on its website for its income it was very important to fix. Unfortunately, I was told that only one person had responsibility for that site, and that was my manager who had gone home for the day. I asked the other managers who were on staff who could have helped me, but no one was interested or cared about the problem. I had no choice but to call him at home.

funny website comicIt surprised me what he said. He said with an angry voice “This better be important!” when I told him there was a big problem at work. I explained the problem and he agreed that was a big issue and came in to fix it. The next day he had a meeting and told everyone that someone should have helped me and alerted him to the issue. He never thanked me.

I got a job offer a few weeks later and I took it. No one needs to work somewhere they are considered a burden instead of an asset.

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