Stories from my past: The power of co-op

ups truck

It must be hard to be a UPS driver in a rural area. One time I received a package of flowers from an internet friend (that’s another story), and the driver turned around behind the house. The problem was is he didn’t know still mud runs deep.

It had been raining the past few days and the backyard was where I used to drive a 4-wheeler/ATV off-road. So it was pretty dusty and just mud with no weeds. A UPS truck the size of a semi-truck stuck in the mud. The driver asked where the towing company was, but being a small town there was really nothing that would be able to pull him out. The closest town was more than an hour away, and since it was the weekend and late it was doubtful that they would be available. In addition, the closest UPS office was further than one hour from the closest city.  It wasn’t looking good for him.

Fortunately, we had relatives who are farmers. So we called and asked cousin Jebb if he had a vehicle that could pull him out. Fifteen minutes later, (they lived close to us) this huge farming machine comes down the road and we hook up the UPS truck and pull him out easily.

The best kind of insurance is a social and friendly cooperating network.

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