Stories from My Past: Surprising things an HR director said

'...well as far as leaks go, this is definitely a nasty one!'

I have lots of ideas to improve things, and so I have conversations with other departments when I think I might be able to contribute.

'...well as far as leaks go, this is definitely a nasty one!'
‘…well as far as leaks go, this is definitely a nasty one!’

One time I spoke with an HR director about some ideas and he liked them. He said he would discuss it with his supervisor. He also offered me a word of advice. He said that often I reference facts, research, or data when making decisions. He said that isn’t the best way to make decisions and that isn’t how he makes decisions. I didn’t know what to say.

He said that he likes to make decisions based on feelings, so I was at a loss. Certainly, there are times when feelings factor into decision-making, but when making policy for a company it seemed a dangerous idea to me.

People make emotional decisions for many reasons. Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes they are not. However, to tell someone that data isn’t helpful in making a decision to me is surprising and unhelpful. I always try to find data when I make decisions. Sometimes those decisions ultimately turn out to be unhelpful, but at the least, I had a basis to make a decision.

Do I make decisions that are not data-based? Of course, I do. However decisions from intuition or feeling are a rare thing for me, and I am more open that they are incorrect. When data shows something, then generally given that the research was accurately done, I tend to believe the conclusions.

I shared before that we make decisions in our own best interest was proven in a study. It is the easiest thing to change our minds or ignore the evidence. I see that every day in my own and other’s life. I admit when I change my mind, and I admit when something I do or said is opposite to something I did or said in the past.

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We are imperfect and limited humans. Considering research and facts that don’t fit into our view of the world helps us and others.