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Stories from my past: Privacy is a myth

prision babe comic

One day when I was in high school and not a senior, I got the mail. I was surprised to receive a letter from the state correctional facility. Especially since I didn’t know anyone in it.

"I've got to admit that in reality, 'languishing' is a lot less exotic than it sounds."I opened the letter up and it had a photo of a woman in her late 30s who was writing me from the women’s prison. She said that she got my information from the company she works for in the prison. I did some research and apparently major companies use prison labor for call centers and things.

She wrote me a several-page letter saying that she felt that she knew me and mentioned some of the products that I used. I was totally creeped out. You can imagine what I said in response. I didn’t acknowledge it. What do you say to someone in prison? I’ll come up and visit you. Why did she think I would fall in love?

Has anyone else had a prison babe contact them?

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