Stories from my Past: No problem I can lend you $10

US 10 dollars photo

I once worked with a good-intentioned but forgetful coworker. This caused no end of problems for everyone, and as you will shortly see it affected me personally.

US $10 dollars photoJohn was a talented but forgetful coworker. I once borrowed $10 from him and the next day paid him back. I only had a $20 bill and he said it wasn’t a problem and he would break it and get change. Ok. Everything is great. Except John forgot to do that. I didn’t bring up the $10 difference because your relationship with your coworkers is more important than a few dollars. I have experienced that people get funny/defensive about money so it wasn’t worth it to me to remind him.

John was let go about a year later for “not necessarily performance-related issues” as management said. He found a new job and is doing well. I think that you have to forgive your coworkers who might do things in ignorance/forgetfulness not necessarily because they don’t like you.

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