Stories from My Past: Kindness often has its own reward

elevator photo

I was in a building once where the elevators were small. I was in the elevator and a family approached the elevator because of how many there were the Mom said to her husband “Can we all fit in there?”. I wasn’t in a rush so I left the elevator so they could go and the Mom and Dad both thanked me.

elevator photoAs soon as I got out, the other elevator to the side opened up and no one was inside. In no time I was back on my way. Very often in life, I have noticed that just the willingness to help others opens doors (elevator doors in this case) that otherwise aren’t open. It is remarkable how often when I have done something nice, something nice has either immediately happened to me, or the turn of events from my decision lead to other benefits. There is a saying that a rose perfumes the hand that gives it.

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