Stories from my past: I feel like a hoodlum

hoodlum photo

hoodlum photoI once worked at a company that had tight security. The problem is that if you had a hoodie, you got some negative attention. I will explain. I was entering the building and flashed my badge. The guard who saw it motioned for me to put my hoodie down. So I took it off. Then he waved me through.

The next day as I was leaving one of the other security guards who was friendly asked why I didn’t have my hoodie on since it was cold. I told him about the experience I had and that “I feel like a hoodlum” when that happened. He said with a smile that it’s okay to wear the hoodie around him because then at least “You would be a warm hoodlum” and laughed. Sometimes you don’t need to say much when you are kind, you just have the intention.

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