Stories from my Past: I can see clearly now

sunrise photo

I used to be involved in theatre. It is fun to look at different perspectives and it’s a pretty social activity. Anyway, we had an early morning rehearsal at a town about 45 minutes away.

sunrise photoSo I got up early in the morning and was driving there. It was a beautiful dark night and the sky was framed with mountains in the background. As I was driving the song “I can see clearly now” by Jimmy Cliff came on the radio as the sun was rising. I clearly remember that moment even though it’s probably been 15 years. The sun was a brilliant orange mixture of light and I stopped the car to take a look. Sometimes in your life, you have a moment where it’s not clear the boundaries of who you are as a person and the rest of the world are.

I think in love most have an opportunity to feel it. However, even without relationships, you can feel the connection to life if you are open to it. Life has a way of showing you beauty and truth you can’t imagine with our small minds.

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