Stories from my Past: Do you know what this is?

donkey pinata

I grew up in a community that had many Mexicans. I always appreciated learning about their culture, and had many opportunities to do so.

donkey pinata
donkey pinata

One when I was a young kid maybe 8 or so I went over to a house of a Mexican family. Since the adults were talking I was entertained by their daughter. She asked if I wanted to see something in her room. I was curious so I followed her. She showed me a paper animal that was attached to the ceiling. It was an elephant I think. She asked me do you know what this is? I said no. She explained that it held candy and that kids would beat on it until it opened and then they could enjoy the candy. I loved that.

She gave me the pinata to take home. I enjoyed having it for a long time. I did not receive many unsolicited gifts from strangers and it delighted me that it was given to me. Every day that I looked at it it gave me great pleasure.

In life, giving gives the greatest pleasure. The wisest people see that it is not control, possessions, or power that brings happiness but sharing.

I have given and shared many of the things in my life with others. I always seek to share what I have. No matter what I have, it makes me feel good to share. This has been my way since I have been a child. Yes at times I get used, and at times I get hurt, but I don’t regret the choices I have made.

What brings you the most happiness? Buying things that you don’t use again? Going somewhere that you forget? Driving something that is just a toy? Working in a job that only stresses you out? Making money and not caring how you spend it? I think our materialistic culture feeds us so many lies that we can’t appreciate the truth.

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The truth is that we are connected, and in giving do we feel that connection?