Stories from my past: Aren’t I lucky?

lucky comic

lucky comicI once lived with this very funny and cool guy who wasn’t the best at managing his money. It wasn’t always his fault because he often did charity work and most jobs he got didn’t really want to work with his schedule. I don’t blame those businesses or him, it was just the situation he choose to be in.

I noticed that he used to look through his pockets when he was short of cash. He sometimes would put money in his pockets and forget it was there. When you live with someone you get to learn their little habits. One day he came in and he was frustrated.

“Man that job let me go because I couldn’t work extra this weekend,” Tom said. “I told them before that I needed that weekend off so that I could help that family go to the hospital but they didn’t care. They let me go.”

“That is tough. You always seem to make it through with the help of your friends.” I replied.

Tom starts looking through his pockets and after a few minutes I hear an excited “Yes!”

“Why are you saying Yes?” I ask Tom.

“I found a twenty in my pocket I forgot about. This is perfect. Aren’t I lucky?” he says as he dashes out of the room to go do his next errand of mercy.

I never told him that I planted the twenty there earlier that day. Kindness is its own reward.

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