Stories from my past: Are you my neighbor?

noah comic
 My grandmother used to live in the town next to where my parents lived.  Sometimes I would go for a walk by myself around the block.  It was a very small town and there was little danger.  One day when I was a kid I was walking and ran into a little girl about my age walking down the street as well. She was beautiful and had a great smile.

noah comic“Hey, are you my neighbor?” she asked.

“Well sort of,” I said. “I am visiting my grandma who lives on this block in the middle and I come here often.”

“My name is Terra, let’s be friends!” she said excitedly.

“Sure,” I replied.  ”My name is Brian.  You are friendly.”

“Yeah that’s what my family says,” Terra replied.  ”Let’s go to my house and play.”

“Ok.”, as I followed her to her house.  When we got to her home she had lots of brothers and sisters she introduced to me.  They were with their own friends, so we went to her room and talked for a bit.

“You know we are going to buy a pool tomorrow.  Can you come back with a swimsuit?” she asked.

“Well that depends if my parents have my grandma take care of me,” I said.  “I will ask.”

Terra was a fun friend that I enjoyed spending time with often when I was there.  A few months later her family moved and I was so sad.  Sometimes just being out in the world is enough to make friendships, even if you aren’t technically their neighbor.

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