Stop participating in your own destruction

fish dream comic

I had a dream last night that might be helpful for you to hear about.

In the dream, it was in my past and there was a misunderstanding and someone was trying to get me to look like the bad guy by twisting the facts. When I good-naturedly tried to explain and understand what happened, it just was further fuel for them to twist my words. I realized that this was a no-win situation so I said to myself I was not participating in this further. I woke up immediately.

fish dream comic
fish dream comic

A doctor suggested to me that everything in a dream is an aspect of myself. So taking that as a guide these dreams mean that we often participate in our own destruction. When I stopped participating in it, I said to myself that I didn’t need to continue doing something that was harming myself and others. What I think this means is that my concern for the world weighs heavily on my heart, and as much as I want to help others I have to let it go. This doesn’t mean I am giving up, but that I can’t allow sadness and concern for humanity to overwhelm me.

Being sensitive has many benefits, but being acutely aware of other’s pains is often a downside. I don’t want to see others suffer and do everything I can to minimize the suffering of others. Not for my benefit, but because everyone deserves to be respected and to exist and thrive in the world.

Yesterday I watched an old tape from 73 of the Price is Right. The person who won the first item said she needed a washer/drier for her family and also a car. She had a chance to win a car but didn’t win it. However, she did place in the final showcase and had a second chance to win a car. I was hoping so much she would win it. Someone I don’t know from 50 years ago! She won it! I was indescribably happy. Being sensitive means that you also find joy in other’s success and it often counterbalances the difficulties people have.

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Dreams give you a chance to look at your life and ask yourself if there is something that you aren’t admitting to yourself. Often there is. When you answer the question a weight is lifted.