Inspiring moments also come in dreams

inspiring moments comic

I have been lucky to have inspiring moments in waking life and in dreams.

Why am I sharing this? I am watching some of the songs from CCC on my Favorite Music page and something about the group singing together is just inspiring. I was reminded of a dream that I had and wanted to share that with you.

While I was having the dream I realized it was a dream and I was curious what would happen if I started to fly. I often liked to fly in my dreams. As I was flying, the dream transformed into a lush green rolling hillside. Then the strangest thing occurred. I started to hear one line of music that was classical. It has its own beat and rhythm, but it exactly responded to how I was flying. As I flew lower it became lower, and when I flew higher it was higher. No matter what I did with my movements, it was perfectly reflecting what I was doing. Or as I instantly realized, I was following the music. At some level, I knew the song and even though it was influencing me, I was influencing it and it didn’t matter who was in control. I lost the sense that being “in control” was important and just surrendered to the experience.

This wasn’t all. Very quickly, the music exploded into at least a dozen different melodies and classical rhythms that I had never heard before or heard again. You would think this would be overwhelming and unable to follow, but somehow I understood this. Instead of just me being there I was aware of others and that the environment had others that I loved as much as myself. I was being held in a musical embrace and there wasn’t an effort it was as natural as breathing.

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When I woke up I was stunned. Even though this happened maybe 30 years ago the memory is so strong. I felt that we are all connected, and when we hurt others we only hurt ourselves. I couldn’t understand why others chose to hurt others. I still don’t. Why? Why hurt someone else who could as well have been you?