Starting at the bottom and ending up happy

Computer Upgrade Comic

It sounds crazy to say but my first connection to the Internet was on a 14.4 modem. Yes, it was a long time ago.

I had bought a computer from Walmart that was cheap I think it was a Gateway. I tried it because I was helping people with their computers and I needed a better computer to be able to run the programs/software that my customers were using. Unfortunately that Gateway was so slow and I had to package it back up and return it to Walmart because it was unusable for me.

Computer Upgrade Comic
computer upgrade comic

A little while later I was able to piece together a very low-end computer and slowly upgraded it as I was financially able. Over the years, I upgraded to a 28.8 modem, and then a 56k modem and it was exciting to see the progress.  I was so thrilled with being able to access more information with the increased speed and capacity of my computer.

It was that low-end computer that helped me to get the skills and move to another state and start my IT career. For most of my life I have had low-end computers, and only in the last few years have I enjoyed a high-end computer that was a gift from a friend. This is not to complain. I was investing my money into my health and education, and it has paid off wonderfully. You don’t always get everything you want at once.

Now with a 1 Gig fiber optic connection those times of crawling on the internet and seeing the page slowly refresh are long gone. I am sharing this because I am so grateful that I have been lucky enough to be in the position that I am now. To have skills that people want to employ me and to enjoy what I do. I know that many people hate their jobs and life but that isn’t me. I don’t hate anything. This isn’t to brag, but rather to say that when you work towards a goal eventually you will reach it. There are times when it is uncomfortable and difficult and giving up is easier, but if you do that you will never experience the joy of achieving your goals.

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When I first used the 14.4 modem it was a step up in my ability to learn about the world. Life gives us opportunities that at first seem trivial but with time make all the difference.