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Somewhere Street is a fun show on NHK

Somewhere Street is a fun show on NHK.

It features a person walking around and you see the world from his point of view. You don’t hear the person ask questions but you do hear them respond. It is just like being there and it is relaxing and satisfies your curiosity. You can read another opinion of the show on this blog.

When I first watched this show I couldn’t believe what I saw. The person was walking around and being treated very respectfully by the locals. It was places that I would probably never visit, yet had an immediate sense of being there. The camerawork was smooth so it was easy to watch. That was the best part. It is tiring to watch videos in which the quality is poor.

The neat part of the show is that the goal is just to explore in a friendly way. There isn’t any intellectual or emotional challenge. It is like going for a walk in your neighborhood except you get to explore new places. I like this style of adventure. I think it’s the precursor to the Holodeck experience like Star Trek has. You take the point of view of the adventurer and get to experience what they experienced.

What would be even more amazing is if they had a live show where people could vote online about where they should go and what they should do from a list of options. Then you could not only be a passive watcher, but an active participant. This is ripe for development in the future. Or they could include the real-time audio from the place streamed online so you could connect in that way of course. Or a podcast where they describe the scenery so you can listen to it on your work to work.

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Anyway, Somewhere Street is always worth watching. Hope you enjoy it too.