Sometimes you make mistakes, and sometimes it is others

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I have often been involved in other people’s mistakes, and I certainly have made plenty of mistakes on my own. This is one of those stories.

Sitting down in a restaurant the waitress accidentally spilled water on me. While this was not fun, it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. However, the waitress freaked out when she learned that the manager of the restaurant was a relative who had come out to say hi. She apologized to me but it really was no big deal. I often spill things as well.

A mistake that I did was that I sometimes rebuy food items that I don’t like. I am lazy sometimes and so when I ordered online, I like ordering things I past ordered. That is quick and easy. At times I forget that I don’t like something and end up reordering it. I did that the last time I ordered and then I have to find a friend to pawn off the food I don’t want to.

It doesn’t matter if we make mistakes. Most mistakes don’t matter, and those that do we hopefully grow and learn from. Since I was a perfectionist in the past it was difficult to admit when I made mistakes. Now I recognize them as soon as I make them and often before I make them now. I am not bragging, but learning from mistakes is level 1. Learning from others’ mistakes is level 2. By learning from your mistakes you are going to make it to level 3.

How do you learn about a mistake before you make it? You think about what may happen if you do something. You research what others’ experiences are before doing something. It’s true you may not have the experience others have had, but it is more likely you will have similar experiences if not the exact same ones.

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It is no fun admitting you made a mistake, but it is less fun than suffering because of it. Let go of your pride, and admit that you don’t have all the answers and that it’s okay to be wrong.