Solar generator helped friend in apartment

"looks Like They're Headed Off The Grid!"

I had talked before about how a solar generator can be a useful prep tool. Yesterday it helped my friend in her apartment.

Her apartment sent out a notice saying that the power was going to be off for repair work. The problem is that it was during the day when she had meetings scheduled. Fortunately, the solar generator I gave her was able to allow her to work without any issues. It cost about $500 and she simply plugged both her computer/modem into it and it worked like a charm. No issues when the power went off, and when it came back on it didn’t cause a problem either.

"looks Like They're Headed Off The Grid!"
“Looks like they’re headed off the grid!”

This isn’t the first time she had problems with her apartment building either. In the past, the power was off and she didn’t notice it because she had LED lights that were using battery. If you live in apartments that don’t have reliable power, getting a solar generator is the way to go.

Yes, I hear you. Why not just buy a cheaper UPS? For several reasons. If the power continued to be off she could recharge her solar generator with her solar panel and go to the roof and charge. The stairs work just fine and she could walk up there. Or she could walk to the patio and charge there. Either way, she could continue to survive for a long time. With a UPS once the power is gone that’s it.

It was a good feeling that I gave something to someone that helped that. Isn’t that what you want to be able to do to help a friend?

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