Solar generators as christmas gifts?

Modern camping

What do you get for the man who has everything? A solar generator!

Modern camping
Modern camping

Why would you want to do this? A solar generator is a tool that people don’t know they need, but once they have it, they will wonder how they lived without it. I have been learning this every day myself.

For example, when I needed a power outlet to clean my SUV living in an apartment you don’t have easy electrical access. However, with the solar generator, I easily plugged in my vacuum and cleaned the car. I can use power tools in the yard without having to worry about storing infrequently used long cables. I can use it to power lights for an outdoor party without having to run electrical cables or hire an electrician to put in outlets. Since I often move, it gives me the flexibility to power things in any room that I might need. Not all landlords fix their electrical outlets so it is common for apartments to have dead outlets. I can use electrical devices in a room that may have poor wiring without trying to fight the landlord to fix the apartment.

There are so many ways that you will learn that having electrical power anywhere is incredibly useful. I can take this to a beach and have big speakers and have a great time. I can take it on a hike and not worry that I will run out of power on my phone. Remember the first solar generator I bought was only 5 lbs? That is plenty of power for a weekend hike or even a few days. I can run lights on LED for a very long time if there is a loss of power and even signal emergency help. Many solar generators have lights on them or can power lights that can do SOS signals.

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Solar generators are incredible gifts for safety, security, and peace of mind. I can’t understand why I didn’t buy one sooner.