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Snopes has been very active in my feed

Snopes Comic

Multiple times per day Snopes has let me know there is new misinformation to know about. It is far and above the most active feed that I have.

It is kind of tiring. I am not complaining but just saying how weird it is that we have the energy to look at memes/social media but not to find out the truth. Why are we like this? Why would we rather have candy, than something that can help us in the world?

Snopes Comic
snopes comic

For that reason, I am going to stop all social media except LinkedIn. I have wasted enough time with the misinformation that exists in those channels. I don’t like reading something to find out that it has been faked, misrepresented, or so on. I think the existence of Deep Fakes enabled by AI is the dark side of information.

I would go so far as to say is if they don’t present sources, don’t believe what someone tells you.

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