Sharpie pens has great customer service

sharpie pen color

I had a scuff on a chair and thought that if I only had a little touch-up marker the scuff could disappear. I bought a Sharpie paint pen and when I used it, the color was completely different than the description and the cap color.

This was deceptive. How else would a customer know what color it was except from their packaging? I called them and explained this. The Medium blue they claimed was a bright Aqua. It made the scuff area stand out more. I thought it might dry darker. It was just as bright 24 hours later and dry.

sharpie pen color
sharpie pen color

The customer service person said thank you for your feedback and asked what they could do. I asked for a replacement pen that was either a navy blue/darkest blue they had or black would work. He sent me a black paint pen as a replacement. That will work well and might take care of some other minor scuffs on other items as well.

What makes me share this with you is they also sent an email during the call thanking me for the feedback, saying the time frame the replacement would come and the rep repeated my feedback to a higher manager request to reevaluate how the color is packaged on these pens. I was thrilled.

Normally companies are like here is the minimum we can do, no email and no repeating of feedback. He may not send the feedback to the right party, but I did everything I could to prevent this from happening to someone else. They picked up within two rings and it was a wonderful experience. No, they are not paying me, I just wanted to share when companies do something right. They deserve to be recognized. Great job Sharpie!

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